Dec Half Baked Winter Results

Thank you all who came to the show and enjoyed the weekend.  We had a nice relaxing show, got to ride, visit with friends, make some new ones and complain about the damn cold weather.   What ya gonna do though it is OH – IO.

Arthur Taylor and his crew enjoyed the DJ show that Clea provided and we enjoyed the entertainment from Mr Taylor.  I can not even begin to explain the situation that occurred – I don’t think we could do it justice – You just had to be there!   Brian and Terri made the trip from Michigan and most certainly cut a rug.  Janis W, Jan and their crew were a fun group to enjoy while Trish Shaffer stayed to enjoy some tunes and dancing (I was her instructor) all night.   Trish even joined the trailer gang for a walk in the lights looking for their lost friend, I can not remember her name Marcie, Mary… None the less she was kind enough to help look for and find her.  Thank you Trish.  Mike H hung with the gang and enjoyed a beverage and a couple chair acrobatics.    Doc Crack a Lot and his bro were hanging with the best of them and helping Arthur along the way.   The Road Crew got to enjoy some Crew time and the entire weekend was great.

We thank the ones who came from near and far, far as in VT and MI. enduring the weather and enjoying the show.  We hope to see you more in 2017!  We hope to see everyone join us at the Road Crew Trailer at the next one for some mad DJ Skills and whole lot of fun.  Next Half Baked show is Feb 3-5, 2017 and Clea will once again show off her mad DJ skills, we will get to enjoy the company of many and hope that the weather is not like Alaska.  Bruce and Uncle Al will be ready to get things reved up for Feb.  Our Office Crew will be waiting for those late entries 🙂 (NOT) and Mari, Barb AKA Gale and Aunt Carol will be manning the announcers booth.  Mari – our amazing friend- did a great job announcing and now with her 2 new band members should be able to rock the joint in Feb!

Until we see you again – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Dawn and Clea

Dec Half Baked Winter Results





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