Changing it up for 2017 Starting with The Panty Raid

Well we are making a list and checking it twice even though Santa is back at the North Pole.  After we look over the showbill a million times, the entry form 2 million times and the stall form 5 times and send it to the crew and until we think we are good then we will post it and there will inevitably be something we forget, that is just how we roll.  So here is a little insight on what we will be changing up in 2017 and we are starting with The Panty Raid.

For starters the Opens will have more added money  – We have more incentive money and more incentive pots- There will be 2 Slot Races, ECSIF Only horses Slot Race, And the Open Slot Race all of which will have roll options. 

We thought long and hard about this next change and we thought for time purposes (especially after last years 24 hour marathon – that will never happen again) it was the best thing to do.  This year we will not be putting poles on the showbill.  With everything and everyone in mind we have moved up The Royale Date to May 4-7, 2017 in hopes to bring more pole benders The Royale and keep the $5000 added to The Royale Poles.   We will have Poles at The Royale, The Rebel Soule and The BOTB.  

The show will start at 9:00 am – that way you are not getting up so early and maybe Amy Childers and Danita Brunck – AKA Thelma and Louise can get the sawdust out of the horses mane and go a little slower down the alley way.  We are dying laughing right now. 

We are going to take another day to look at the Showbill, Entry Form, Slot Race Form and The Stall Form and then we will get it posted for you by Thursday if not before.   Let the 2017 show season begin!

Until Thursday – be kind to one another and we hope your Christmas was great.
Dawn and Clea

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