Sponsorship Opportunity

For those of you asking about what we have available for Sponsorship below is the form for your review and usage.  We thank all our current sponsors for helping us to bring these shows to you.

If you missed the Sponsor dinner at the Best of the Best last year, it was amazing.  We will have that again in 2017 but will also be getting ready for a New York Sponsor dinner that we are planning now for.   Matt James get ready for The Rebel Soule July 6-9 2017!  Mogie – Our “On The Road Chef” AKA The Mogster will be helping out again this year – He can cook an amazing meal, although we did have to show him the finer art of frying spaghetti at The Panty Raid. 🙂   – He is scared what we have in store for him but he will survive.

We look forward to seeing you all down the road.

SponsorshipOpportunity 2017

Mane Stream Red


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