The Rebel Soule is Back!

We are bringing the $50K Sidepot back for all to enjoy and run for some big money.  Roadies, ECSIF, PBRIP, NPBA, NBHA and this year it will be an IBRA Preferred show as well as having $10,000 in Future Fortune money for the taking.  We are excited to head back to New York with an amazing place to run and amazing people to spend time with.    Stall forms and Entry Forms can be found on our Blog under show bills.  We will be giving you all kinds of details about the $50K and what will be coming along with that Sidepot, The $10K Raffle we will be having during the weekend, The Senior awards that will be given in honor of Pete Soule and much more.   For those of you wanting to be vendors or sponsors please fell free to call us with any questions.  All info is on the blog by using the search function but call for what ever you needs.  

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