Stalls Draws & Schedule for Royale 2017

Well its gonna be a fun weekend.  Lots of things going on to enjoy, Daily Giveaways from our great Vendors and Sponsors.  Derby Hat and Sombrero contest and Clea is cooking up a menu for the weekend that will have you coming back for seconds.

The Tequila and Margarita Station should be a fun time and lots of flavors to enjoy as Dr. Krack A Lot and I man the Margarita Maker.   The Road Crew will be enjoying the weekend as well – This is our show that we can visit with everyone, enjoy the extras and ride our ponies!  Looking forward to a great weekend.

Stalls & Electric – Remember EVERYONE Needs to stop at the stall trailer upon arrival for their stall and electric assignments so we can unlock both for you.

Draws will be reverse order on Sat

Schedule of events for the Royale

Royale 2017 – Stalls and Electric

Royale Barrel Draws 4 30 2017 posted

Royale Pole Draws 4 30 2017 posted

See ya all soon and safe travels to all!  Remember be kind to one another is matters.

Dawn and Clea and The Entire Crew


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