Hello Vintage Rebel Soule Riders AKA Seniors

With the Rebel Soule just weeks away we have some additions to tell you about.

As you know the Rebel Soule is all part of The Running With Pete Soule’s tradition.  A man who loved barrel racing, the community and all the riders young and vintage.    In keeping his memory for all to enjoy The Soule Family along with The Road Crew are making the Senior Class (I like to call it Vintage) just one more reason to come to Syracuse New York July 6-9 2017!

The Saturday Senior Class will now have $1000 added for all of us Vintage people to run for PLUS  Awards to the Top 5 in all 4 Divisions.   That is right and we are telling you nice nice awards.  Saddle Pads, Jackets, Garment Bags and more……………….

So don’t miss out on running in Pete’s memory to take home the money and awards to remember the weekend!

Watch for all the updates and details on the Blog and our Facebook Page!

Much Love

Dawn and Clea

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