50K Sidepot is Bacccckkkk

We have over $15,000 in ADDED Money  – $10,000 in Future Fortune Open Money – and ECSIF, NBHA, PBRIP, FF, IBRA, WPRA, NPBA, ROADIES and so much Money to win……and guess what is back!   THE 50K Sidepot! Best of your 2 runs will get you a time for this huge payout!  Goodie Bags for all that enter the $50K Sidepot  That means Surprise bags with Cash, OTR Memberships, Free Stalls and Free Entries and Special items from the vendors plus more!

The $50,000 Sidepot – This sidepot would not be possible if it were not for the great sponsors we have.  They are always stepping up for the barrel racing community and making sure we all have lots to run for!


If you have any insurance needs give Davis Ins a call.  Rob will make sure you are taken care of.

Davis Insurance Banner phone and web 

Dr Cumper – who is amazing – will be on the grounds with 24 hour service for all our needs 989-272-3699

Game Time Logo

Matt James and Brooke are just two people who you don’t want to pass up meeting. Stop by their booth at The Rebel Soule or any of our shows to say hi and see what they can do for you!

justhorin around



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