36 Count them 36 IBRA Wild Cards

If you have not seen already The Rebel Soule is a flurry of associations and incentives coming to New York for the weekend of July 6-9 2017 – ECSIF, NBHA, PBRIP, FF, IBRA, WPRA, NPBA, ROADIES and so much Money to win……

This will be a weekend of great friends, amazing food, tough barrel racing and did we tell you  WILD CARDS – 36 of them to be exact!

There will be 36 IBRA Wild Cards up for grabs for the weekend! With this being a Preferred show any IBRA member of any state and Canada will be eligible for these wildcards! – Watch for details at the show on how to get a FREE IBRA Membership.  

We are grateful to be working with Shane and Brad at IBRA to make The Rebel Soule an amazing weekend by adding IBRA to the mix.   It is great to work with people who work together.  Deb and Lee have been terrific as well as all the other people involved in getting this show in NY for a second year!


The IBRA is very excited to be a part of the Rebel Soule this year and to be expanding our association into New York! Below is some information about how New York barrel racers can join the IBRA for free and how you can earn a guaranteed spot in the Short Go at our National Finals where we add more than $45,000!

Free Membership?  So, here’s the deal.   IBRA memberships are seasonal. They run from August 1st through July 31st.  Seeing as to how we are really getting to roll so late in the season in the great state of NY and there would not be a good way to build an awards program due to lack of points, we will provide FREE NY memberships for those who join at the Rebel Soule!   Furthermore, there are three ways that IBRA will be making membership valuable for you. First you will be able to earn points to qualify you for the IBRA National Finals (it only takes 100 points). Second you can earn Wild Cards at the Rebel Soule. Third when you rejoin for the 2018 season which begins Aug. 1st you will be eligible for a $1,500 Side Pot at the September 16-17 Midland Show in Fonda and be eligible for all that the 2018 Season will offer which will include a full awards program!

With the Rebel Soule being an IBRA Preferred Show this year, Dawn and Clea asked me to help explain what IBRA Wild Cards mean for the riders.  As we are new to the New York area this is probably a good idea!  Basically, IBRA Wild Cards offer you a guaranteed spot to the Short Goes at the IBRA National Finals.  At the National Finals, we add $30,000 to the Open with $10,000 distributed to each go round. There are two Long Goes and one Short Go for the Open.  In the Youth, Masters and Adult classes we add $5,000 to each class which is distributed between one long go and one short go.  If you have a Wild Card and you knock barrels, scratch to save your horse, can’t make the long go due to work or school or whatever else life brings, no worries you still go to the Short Go with a Wild Card!  As long as, you enter the class the Wild Card not only makes you eligible for the Short Go, it guarantees your running in it! There are two requirements you must meet to win a Wild Card.  One, you must be an IBRA member and two you have to actually win a division in the perspective class.  If you win a Wild Card in the Open, it is only good for the Open, Youth Wild Cards are only good for Youth and so on.   I know that’s a lot of info to throw at you so if you have any questions feel free to call the office at 502.239.4000 or Check us out online www.ibra.us.    We look forward to hearing from you!    

We look forward to seeing you all in New York and are excited to bring you this show and all it has to offer

Until then – Be kind to one another and enjoy every moment

Dawn and Clea



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