Feb in Ohio, A Half Baked Show and the Best Pick Up Race Yet!

Headed into the Half Baked show in February we were down the majority of our crew, between the weather that was to be coming in, teeth pulled (thank God it wasn’t me this time), weddings too attend and that dam flu hit one of them at the show but with a smaller number in stalls we thought, hell we got this.  The show ended up a bit bigger than we thought but with 160 stalls and 150 in the open it made for a dam good weekend!  We did miss the rest of the crew and they missed a heck of a good time.

We were rocking though the exhibitions, where I might add,  Clea takes her life in her hands when she sits at that corner of the chute area – Egad that is scary sometimes.  Things were going well then Stan, Lexy Stoney’s Dad comes running in “We have a problem I think the poles are off, I said ok lets look (we were on Number 5 of the class) and sure enough someone didn’t have their glasses on when setting the pole pattern, hell you could of ran a marathon between poles 1 and 2.  We go get Clea, radio Mari to hold after the 7th horse runs then sure enough it was off.  Clea yells UNCLE AL!  She said I have the geriatric crew today and Uncle Al had the tape, which he usually needs the one in Braille, he thought the last 2 poles needed marked at 26’ not 21’ and as he walked away he said “think this will get me fired from this job”😂!  NOT A CHANCE  SORRY!

shoot out champFriday open had everyone after that free $1,000 shoot out round money!  This hands out $250 to fastest one in each D on Saturday and they all came in sending em!

Summer Schaffer and BV showed up and started their trip to The American by taking the victory FridaySaturday, the shootout round and Roadie coin! Some of our Michigan fans where trying to give her a run for her money Heather K and Cami Cumper were right on her tail Heather would of had it on Sunday but tipped a barrel.  Personally we don’t think she got enough sleep from the night before😜 and she was the first to bed, she may want to find her dad some more responsible friends, maybe some nuns!

And it seems we have a following at our shows of horses jumping the fence and ambulances not sure how it has started but hope the streak is over!  Maddie Post was going for the win and whipping the whole way home but her horse forgot to use its brakes at the end of the run.   She is on the mend with a concussion and some banged up ribs!  Her horse is find as well.  The gates not so much 🙂

We did get to see our last ambulance victim from the pick up race in December, the man, the legend himself Aaron Pollard which I’m sure was chomping at the bit watching the  pick up race which was one of the most intense ones yet, on so many levels, between Glen Hutcheson losing his hair piece, The shirtless riders, The American boxers, Ballard on the fence and Barbs hot flashes it was one for the books!

For those who are wondering why they were shirtless, this pick up race is proof if there is a free stall involved we can get some crazy times happening.   Austin Ferguson was the first victim of the shirtless pickup race comment and committed to it, then enter The Moody Boys, they jumped on board (insert Barb the Cougar’s hot flashes) and Craig Ballard was a little late but in the end he got a free stall and did a little dancing on the fence!    They made it for a fun weekend and the boys followed up with some dancing and singing at Clea’s Birthday Party!   Thanks all for a great weekend and lots of laughs.  Austin,  I am going to get all the  Jackson lyrics for the March show.  🙂

All in All what a great weekend! Hats off to the crew this weekend for double duties and thanks Mari for another great announcing job! Reba better watch out!   Thanks Natalie for a great birthday weekend and your help kiddo!  Thanks to The Pollard family for the box of goodies as well and to all for Clea’s gifts and birthday wishes.

We are onto the March Half Baked show which we have a large amount of stalls reserved  already and we have some bigger plans that we will be announcing for this show!  Boys get ready for the Pick Up Race!!

If you needs stalls better get on the horn to us!  Text 330 592 5745 or 330 771 3205 for stalls.

Thanks again for always showing your support and extreme kindness to us and our crew at our shows it makes all of this worth it!

Until we see you again. Live, Love and remember to LAUGH!

Dawn and Clea

Results are listed below and can also be found on our website

ECSIF and Roadies

Friday Results

Saturday Results

Sunday Results

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