March Half Baked Stalls

Currently we have all stalls for the March Half Baked Series Show reserved.   We have a waiting list started and will contact you should any stalls open up.   Feel Free to check back with us closer to the show as well.

Because these stalls are just reserved, and not paid for prior to the show, we would ask that if anyone on the stall list not be in need of the number of stalls they reserved to contact us.  This will allow us to give the open stall to the next person on the list.  Please remember we kindly ask NO TACK STALL

PLEASE NOTE – As the show draws closer if you will not be needing your stall, because of whatever reason, you will need to let us know by March 14th by 6 PM so we can perhaps get the stalls to the people who are on the waiting list.

You MUST have your stall paid for by Saturday at 10 AM or you will forfeit your stall. If you are planning on arriving later than 10 AM on Saturday Please text us so we can secure your stall.   TEXT US do not FACEBOOK

Any stall reserved and not cancelled within 48 hours or not paid for by Saturday at 10 AM will be forfeited and if not filled, the person reserving the stall will be responsible to pay for it.

Basically, if you will not need your stall make sure to let us know so we can get the next person in line a stall and you will not have to pay for an empty stall- Thank you  

If you want on the waiting list send us a text at 330 – 592 -5745 or 330- 771 -3205  PLEASE text us so we don’t miss anything posted on Facebook

We will not be posting a waiting list – if you are not on the stall list then as of today you are on the waiting list 😦

New revised Showbill will be up shortly!  There are NEW start times!!

Half Baked 2018 – March Stalls Posted


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