Holy Boat Load of Irish Coin!

If you are ready for a great time and some St Patty’s weekend fun then the Last Half Baked Show is where you want to be. We have lots of Irish Gold to win. Remember if you have a crap run, you don’t need to have the luck of the Irish to try again you just need to rebuy back into the open and see if you can take home some of that coin. Speaking of coin, if you are a rebuy rider then you will have a chance at the extra $5000 Bonus money! Don’t forget about the Pick Up Race, which is always entertaining, will be a after the Rebuy riders Run.

We told you 2018 would be full of crazy times, new ideas and all kinds of mula to take home, let the On The Road with Dawn and Clea season begin.

Looking forward to seeing you all March Payout

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