The Royale 2018

We are happy to return to C BAR C Expo with The Royale and a whole new showbill.

We are excited to bring you not 1 Futurity but 2,  ECSIF Money for the Open and The OTR Futurity, 3D poles with K.I.S.S Money as well as K.I.S.S. Money in the Sat Open, We have PBRIP Money and lots and lots of Open Money. There will be awards and lots of fun and enjoyment for all.

You can find stalls and entries at the link below as well as on the web on Feb 20th.

Royale Showbill Entry Form 2018

Royale Stall Form 2018

We will keep you posted with all the Cinco De Mayo and Kentucky Derby happenings – One thing we know for sure at this time, Dawn and Carl will NOT be in charge of the tequila bar this year! No Mas Tequila

We are looking forward to seeing you all in May!

Until then – don’t drink to much tequila – seriously just don’t!

Lots of Love

Dawn and Clea

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