BOTB Qualifiers, Awards, Money and More!

Well the BOTB is almost here and with this time of year we are always looking forward to our Best of the Best Show and the great people who attend.

Below is a list of the BOTB Open and Pee Wee qualifiers that will be eligible to enter and run for the $20,000 Slot Race Saturday Night and if you are a Pee Wee Rider you will be running for $2,000 plus some amazing awards!

We have also listed the payout for that $50,000 Open that EVERYONE is eligible to run along with all the other opens and sidepots!

Roadies finals on Sunday will be dishing out $10,000 and another $1,000 winner take all in the finals, (that is new this year)

Awards will be all over the place with the Top 7 of the Open Top 10 of the Slot Races and more!  We hope to see you there!

Guaranteed Payouts OTR - BOTB PAYOUTS FINAL

BOTB_Qualifiers_2018_LIST_Page_1BOTB_Qualifiers_2018_LIST_Page_2BOTB_Qualifiers_2018_LIST with Pee Wee all but state show and 2 key_Page_3

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