Below is the link to the on line entries at the BOTB!  If you have any issues please contact us – Make sure to refresh your browser before loading the form.

Mailed Pre entries need to  be postmarked by August 7, 2018 – On line Entries will be up until Aug 13, 2018 after this date you will need to enter at the show.

REMEMBER – ALL BOTB QUALIFIERS  Big and Small (Pee Wee) need to mail in your entries you have til the 12th to get them postmarked (the 13th actually – the 12th is a Sunday)

ECSIF, FF and PBRIP as well as Futurity riders BRING a COPY of you horses registration papers and any necessary paperwork that is needed for these incentives to the show please so we can get you properly entered and you can receive payouts from these sidepots should you place.

BOTB 2018 On line Entry Form

You can also use the link on the HOME PAGE at

Thank you and see you all in August at the BOTB!


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