BOTB 2018 Draws & Stall List

Friday Night Draws are posted.  We will post the remaining draws this week.  We will have the schedule of happenings up soon as well.

Thank you and as usual if we jacked anything up – shoot us a message or let us know at the show.  And if all your horses are not on the draw they will be after 385 and for anyone rolling from the Futurity or the Slot Race you will not be on this list!   ALL DRAWS will be posted AT THE SHOW AGAIN prior to the class starting.

Don’t forget if you can not make it to the show Brent has done a wonderful job setting up the web cast, you can find it at Best of the Best Web Cast

Thanks Dawn and Clea – See ya all real soon

BOTB Stalls 2018

Friday Poles POSTED

Friday Draws 1-385 POSTED

Friday Night Go of OTR Futurity POSTED

Friday Night Lights Qualifier POSTED


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  1. Ladies-

    Hoping to get done at a decent time on Saturday if at all possible, so that we can get home. (6.5 hrs away & my dad didn’t book a room for that night) Really appreciate any help. Also, was wondering if I it was still possible to sign up for Poles??? Thanks Again-Tara


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