Roadies for 2018

All Roadie points are up to date with the exception of 2 shows we are missing and have requested.

Please look over the shows and points and let us know if there are any issues.  You will have til August 8 2018 to review and let us know if there are any issues.  After that we will call these points final and take your 5 top shows and add in your 1 point per show to get the total to roll into the BOTB Finals with over $10,000 in mula to take home for NO NADDA NOTHING of an ENTRY FEE!

Click on this link for all your Roadie needs!

Who will make it to the finals and who will be the divisional champs in 2018 – Who will take home the WINNER TAKE ALL?   Heather Kosmowski – Nicole Fields – Shugie Stoneman – Crystal Ganger are leading the op;en points right now in their perspective Divisions.

Here is how the finals will work – This year we have some NEW changes because each year we try to listen to the members on what they want and we see if it is good for all contestants and then make the changes.  We hope you like the new “How it Works”

How this Damn Roadies Finals will Roll 2019.jpg

Tell us what you are thinking!

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