Midland Blast and OTR are ready for May

We will be headed to Michigan for our first of 3 OTR FUTURITIES, as of today!

  • 1st stop is at Midland Blast May 18th $500 With ECSIF Money
  • 2nd will be The Rebel Soul $4000 With ECSIF Money
  • 3rd will be August 17 at the Larry Teubert Memorial Show TBD With ECSIF Money

Remember to be eligible for the OTR FUTURITY FINALS you must run at least 2 OTR FUTURITIES and new to this year we are paying a minimum of  $500 to the biggest money earner horse and rider team PLUS Top 10 Teams at year end will ………well……… Watch for all details at www.ontheroadwithdawnandclea.com

Don’t forget the Roadie money up for grabs with no entry fee!   If you would like to join Roadie Nation we will be at the Midland Blast to answer any questions or sign up there!  It is a one time entry fee that puts you eligible for money all year long with no entry fee.  We paid out over $15,000 plus last year and are looking to increase this again this year!

We would like to thank Kari Smith of MI NBHA, MI NBHA 02 & 04 for the sanction, IBRA, MBFA and The Marshalls for working with us and making it as good as we can for barrel racers.

Printable  Midland Blast Saturday 2019-Updated

We are looking forward to a great year!  up Next Rebel Soul Showbill



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