We are a week away from heading out for The Royale at it’s new location in Lewisburg Ohio at Circle G Arena. We wanted to give a big shout out to Keegan and his crew – they have gone above and beyond to accommodate us with some what of late notice.

57782492676__582EB633-1EDB-4A88-BA9B-69C2530AB52F (1)They have brought in over 300 ton of limestone to get stalls leveled up and if you have done just one stall in your life you know that it’s not a fun job.

So if ya get a chance please let them know how much you appreciate the effort they put into the facility for all of us to be able to use. It takes a lot of time and money to keep places up and running and looking good for us crazy barrel racers to come and enjoy the weekend!IMG_0249

We have a great line up for the new location  Barrel racing, Pole Bending with Shoot Out Rounds on Sat for each!  Cinco De Mayo, OTR FUTURITY, Tacos, The always entertaining Pick Up Race, Kentucky Derby and hopefully warm weather

See everyone soon!

Dawn and Clea

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