ECSIF Owner Bryanna Martin and Wyatt- her home grown, give it all horse- are headed to Springfield in Aug

We are happy to see this Ohio Cowgirl back at the BOTB, always a joy to be around!
  • Tell us a little about your horse age, gender and who their daddy is?
    Wyatt is an 11 year old gelding. His sire is Mr. Millenniun Bugs, and out of my old barrel and pole mare cowgirl. I raised and trained Wyatt myself. He is a horse who gives it his all!!
  • State where you qualified
  • Name of Arena where you qualified
    Simmons Equestrian Center
  • What was your placing
  • How many times have you qualified for the best of the best or are you a first timer?
    I’ve qualified 3 times
  • Tell us about the arena where you qualified – producers, ground, size of pen?
    Simmons is great place for a show, ground was good, and medium size pen
  • What has been your biggest win as a rider so far?
    It was Thanksgiving show at Circle G Arena. Wyatt had the fastest time of the weekend. And did very well the whole weekend
  •  Who is the one person that made you the rider you are today?
    My mom

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