FINALLY our Roadie Points are updated!

Thank you to all the producer who are making sure the riders have good money to run for at the OTR Approved Roadie and BOTB Shows.  The riders appreciate it, as do we.

Our new way of entering points kicked our a$$ a little this year and kept us behind the eight ball and getting the points up to date quickly.    But here they are – We do have a few more shows to enter this week from results that just came in but………….

As of Aug 4 2019 the Roadie Open points are listed on the link below   We will have all points in and updated as to who is where by weeks end.  Sidepots will be listed once all shows are in and accounted for and the 2019 books are closed.

Please look over the shows to make sure you are good with the points and let us know if you have any issues.  Please email us at so we can take care of any issue you see.

Open Roadie Points as of Aug 4 2019

Full Roadie Info – Shows Points etc

See ya soon!

Dawn and Clea

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