Jessie Ford of Fremont MI is looking for a kool buck on IM KOOL AS ICE at the BOTB

Jessie Ford will be running down the chute for the first time at the BOTB looking cool on Im Kool as Ice!

  • Tell us a little about your horse age, gender and who their daddy is?
    He is 15 I think and I don’t know his dads name without looking it up. His bloodlines don’t mean anything to me. He is a bad ass all on his own.
  • State where you qualified
  • Name of Arena where you qualified
    McBain Cow Camp
  • What was your placing
    1st in the 1D
  • How many times have you qualified for the best of the best or are you a first timer?
    First timer
  • Tell us about the arena where you qualified – producers, ground, size of pen?
    The arena was perfect and it was the punchy pearl barrel race. The people there were great!
  • What has been your biggest win as a rider so far?
    That was my biggest win at the punchy pearl.
  •  Who is the one person that made you the rider you are today?
    My father made me the rider I am today by telling me I had to be smarter than the horse 🙂 and by finding every random horse he could to put me on.

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