Angels -N- Phantoms and Jake Anderson a team that is on fire!

Jake and Leggs kicked some butt this weekend as well as all this year.  Michigan’s #1 announcer owns the horse – Mr Curt – and would love to take home the win!  Best of Luck to you all!

  • Tell us a little about your horse age, gender and who their daddy is?
    “Leggs” is a 7 year old gelding that I started training last year. He is owned and bred By Curt and Renee Yerger, who also own and stand his sire, Lucks Phantom Bug.
  • State where you qualified
  • Name of Arena where you qualified
    Midland Fairgrounds & Barry County Fairgrounds
  • What was your placing
    1st & 2nd
  • How many times have you qualified for the best of the best or are you a first timer?
    I have qualified 3 times this year but this will be my first time competing at the Best of The Best.
  • Tell us about the arena where you qualified – producers, ground, size of pen?
    The first time I qualified was at an NBHA show at the Midland Fairgrounds; the same arena as the Rebel Soul this year (where I qualified a second time). I like the ground in that arena when it is groomed properly. The pattern is a standard NBHA pattern and the arena a decent size.
  • What has been your biggest win as a rider so far?
    My biggest win so far was winning the NBHA Can-Am show in 2012 on a horse I own and trained; Rebels Snowy Tiger. I won the NBHA 2D state finals on “Tiger” in 2014 as well.
  •  Who is the one person that made you the rider you are today?
    I would have to give most of the credit to my parents. Growing up I rode a lot of untrained horses and I feel that experience has made me the rider I am today.

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