Boyd’s Triple Ringer and Avery Roese got it done at MI and hoping for the same in MI

Remember Avery, you know what you get to do if you win!! Love ya lil gal

  • Tell us a little about your horse age, gender and who their daddy is?
    Sheila is an 18 year old mare out of Boyd’s Boss Man.
  • State where you qualified
  • Name of Arena where you qualified
    Midland Fairgrounds
  • What was your placing
  • How many times have you qualified for the best of the best or are you a first timer?
    This is my first time qualifying for the BOTB.
  • Tell us about the arena where you qualified – producers, ground, size of pen?
    Was at the Rebel Soule in Midland, MI.
  • What has been your biggest win as a rider so far?
    Winning a go at the Rebel Soule and placing 12th at The All American Youth out of 705 horses.
  •  Who is the one person that made you the rider you are today?
    My Aunt, Lisa Cline.

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