A Repeat Ends OTR in 2019

2019 BOTB is in the books and what a great weekend it was at the BOTB – the weather was perfect, the ground was spectacular, thank you Bruce and Chris for making it great for the riders & horses.  We are happy to have you both back in 2020 as the ground crew!  To the contestants who were in it to win it at the BOTB – we are looking forward to you and your smiling faces in 2020!

And a big thank you for all the people who joined in on the sing along and although a snafoo slowed the process the most important thing was showing Ms Vicki the love in the arena!  That is what was important and it warmed her and her families hearts. Team Willy you guys Rock “We are Stronger together”   Remember – Life is short, make sure and enjoy it every day, every min, every damn second!

Friday night lights would have the BOTB Riders getting ready for the Slot Race on Saturday.  Brad Shirey came in and smoked 3 cans and the rest of field was right there behind him.   Going into Saturday we had no clue who would take the title.  However, walking around you could see the fire in a lot of the riders eye that no one was gonna hold back.

The weekend had some salty BOTB Riders and Open Riders as well.   The BOTB Riders were there to take the win and each one fought for it as they entered the gates.  It would be a Repeat of Troy Crumrine and Imafrenchmanprincess for the win. Congrats to all the money winners and all the qualifiers who made the Slot Race possible.  

champ pee wee

The Pee Wee Riders, will be looking forward to heading to the BOTB as big riders soon.  They are a tough bunch of kids.  Congrats to ” Brooklyn Butzer and Sheza Perfect Wager” on her Pee Wee Championship.  This will be her second Wall of Fame banner and well deserved for the rider she is.  Congrats to Hailie Liberty as well owner of “Ang” and we understand it was Hailie that paired this team up at The Panty Raid! Well done!  Congrats to all the kids and thank you to all the parents who allow them to enjoy a fun competitive night!

Congrats to the Repeat Roadie Champ Heather Kosmowski  and our 1D and 2D OTR Futurity Champions Maliah Johnson and Penny Baker.  Congrats to all.

We are looking forward to see if Troy can 3 Peat at the BOTB and be crowned the 10 year champion.  Can Heather Kosmowski be the 3 Peat Roadies Champion?  Who will be the Pee Wee Champion? Who will be the OTR Futurity Champs! And to The Bearded Hunter Pick Up Team!  You, our friends, are the champions once again!

We are in the works of planning the 10 Year BOTB Block Bash for everyone to enjoy!  We look forward to you joining us.  Thank you for all our past, present and future sponsors. We can never thank you enough for being part of this adventure with us.

Thank you all again for a great year and for all who made it possible for hangin in there with us at each show!

Dawn and Clea




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