Bring on 2020 – OTR Show Schedule

We hope to see everyone at the 2020 Shows enjoying some new things we have been planning and of course a barrel race in the mean time.  All shows will be BOTB Qualifiers and Roadie Approved.   The Half Baked Winter Series will have some great series end awards like the previous years!  Thank you to all the sponsors who make these shows possible.

You will see there is no Royale this year – prior to the BOTB we knew we would not be doing this show.   It was a hard turn around time for all being right after The Panty Raid.  The March show has yet to be scheduled in stone, but we will let you know as soon as the ink is dry.

We will have the showbill for the Half Baked Winter Series up soon and look forward to bringing in the new year with everyone.

Dawn and Clea

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