POTENTIAL Panty Raid Vendors 2020


If you are wanting to show your goods at The Panty Raid in 2020 we would love to have you there for the contestants to enjoy.

OTR has had many changes since 2019 and Vendors are no different   There are a couple vendor changes for 2020 and placements of vendor setup.

Please review the below info and should you want to be a vendor at The Panty Raid 2020 email us at g4horseranch@gmail.com and in the subject put VENDOR PANTY RAID 2020

Tell us your name, your preference of setup area if you know, what you are selling and contact info then we will then contact you this week to confirm set up .   Once confirmed you can Paypal us your fees.

We are including the Sponsorship form should you want to sponsor one or more of the shows.  No need to but want to give you the option.

Sponsorship OTR 2020

  1. All Sponsors who will be setting up as Vendors will have priority  where they want to be placed.
  2. The higher the sponsorship the more priority the vendor will have
  3. We will be limiting the same type of vendor at the show
  4. The 3rd barrel area is in high demand so please keep that in mind when responding sooner than later
  5. There is not a bad area for vendors FYI
  6. We will do our best to get all vendors in the arena if this is where you want to be otherwise we will place you in the breezeway upon request.
  7. Cost is $130.00 for a 10×12 (roughly)

Thank you for your time and hope to see you at The Panty Raid and enjoy the Easter weekend with us

Dawn and Clea


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