Panty Raid 2020 Officially Cancelled


March 19 2020

Well, we were holding out hope but as of today it is confirmed and should not be a surprise we will not be having The Panty Raid Futurity in April of 2020!!

At this point we are not sure when we will hold the show, if at all, in 2020.

As for the stall and entries
If we have not cashed your check as of yet. We will shred it – if you are not sure about your check please check your bank.

If you paid via PayPal your funds will be returned via PayPal to the email PayPal address that it was sent under

If you mailed in a check and we processed it we will return your funds via check to the name and address on the check

For the vendors and Sponsors. THANK YOU and we will keep you, as well as everyone else, updated as we know more.

Please allow us a minimum of a week to get this all underway and your funds returned.

Our hope is that we all will come out of all this craziness with a new outlook on the future and appreciation for what we have. We know we will!

We will of course keep you posted on the remaining OTR Shows and where we go from here.

Until then stay safe, eat your veggies, and wash your hands.


March 16 2020

Good Monday Morning

Update on The Panty Raid Futurity April 9-12, 2020

The Champion Center will be closed for the next 3 weeks and will then reevaluate the current situation we are all facing.   The decision to have the show will depend on the future restrictions and the level of threat of this virus at this time.   The decision will be a last minute one and we will keep you informed as we know where this is all going.

  • Pre entries will be open until we know what is going on with the show so please do not worry about the deadline that is out there now.
  • Should the show be cancelled, and we hope it is not, we will be refunding your money.
  • If your check has not yet cashed, we will NOT be cashing any additional checks until we know that status of the show.

We are sending out our thoughts and prayers to everyone to stay healthy and safe.   Stay in if you can, wash your hands, eat your veggies and if you can support any small business during this time please do so.

We will be back in touch once we know more


Dawn and Clea

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