July 26 2020

Well here we are almost ready to have the Aug 2020 show – Few things we need the OPEN BOTB Qualifiers to make sure they know

  1. We will not be sending invitations this year as we are not technically having the BOTB in full
  2. ALL August 1 2020 BOTB Qualifiers are for the Year 2020!
  3. If you enter the BOTB Slot Races at The Best Rebel Panty Show you will automatically be qualified for the 2021 BOTB! There are awards for at least the Top 10 BOTB Winner and we are still working on items for the qualifiers.
  4. You will have to complete the online form for Open BOTB Qualifiers if you mailed in your entry forms by clicking here so we know where you qualified. OR if you did on line entries it will ask on that form. https://form.jotform.com/dawnclea/open-botb-qualifier-form

YOUTH and PEE WEE Qualifiers please see below and congrats the Sponsors stepped up and ALL Pee Wee and Youth Qualifiers that enter the perspective Slot Races will receive a Jacket!

July 1 2020

With this crazy world we all now live in we are hoping The Best Rebel Panty Show rolls on in August – Inside sources say Ohio may be in for another shut down BUT who really knows.

We both think if it were November this would all be over with but that is just an opinion. #stopthecraziness#bestrebelpantyshow#bringbacknormal

For now here is the showbill, info and stall form in mail in options. The on line version will be up after the 12th once we have more intel on Ohio.

If you mail your forms we will NOT be cashing any checks until Early August but if we have them it will ensure you have a stall.

THANK YOU to all the Sponsors and supporters We appreciate you and all you do for the sport.We hope you are all safe and healthy and holding it all together in this crazy world.

June 25 2020

The Best Rebel Panty Show August 20-23 2020 Springfield Ohio Well 2020 has been interesting to say the least, for us it was a break we needed. Although not the best way to take a break, we were happy to have it.

We enjoyed the chance to take a breath, step back and take a look at the past 10 years. We are thankful for all the great people we have meant along the way, for all we have learned, for all we have earned and for all we have changed.

With all the chaos of Covid and all the uncertainty we decided not to reschedule any of our cancelled shows.We understand the blood, sweat and tears that go into a small or big show and certainly respect each producer out there and didn’t want to be on top of any other shows. To the producers thank you for putting on any show – they are alot of work and we appreciate all of them.

We had plans for the 10 Year BOTB to be something special and bring a little extra to the table but in the crazy world we are in right now we went to Plan B – We have decided to roll our cancelled shows into the year end at what we would normally call The Best of the Best but this unprecedented year we will be changing things up to have The Best Rebel Panty Show.

We wanted to bring you a little bit of each show – we will have a Futurity, A Canadian Bounty, a Youth Slot Race, an Open Slot Race, a Pee Wee Slot Race as well as $10,000 Future Fortune Open Money and more.

For the Futurity if we can commission enough Sponsors to make it a BFA sanctioned $5000 added Futurity we will be able to have $5000 Future Fortune money as well. In years past we have always taken a $3000 + hit on the Futurity but that was our way to give back to the Futurity side of the sport. This year is a little different, for all of us, therefore we must take another avenue for the Futurity. There will still be a nice money OTR Futurity but we would like to be able to have the FF Money as well. If you are interested in sponsoring the Futurity please get in touch with us in the next days.

We will not have the normal BOTB ceremonies and all the usual and although this will not be your typical BOTB Show we will do our best to bring you an enjoyable weekend of barrel racing. Stay tuned for details!

We will be posting the showbill and stalls July 1 2020. Follow our Facebook Page for all details on the show. Hope to see you all there.

Dawn and Clea#washyourhands#bestrebelpantyshow

Well as most of you know we have been waiting to hear from Midland Fair regarding The Rebel Soul. It is official and unfortunately it will be a no go for 2020! It makes us sad that we can not move forward with the show but we will be back in 2021 – God willing.

As of today our plan is to finish out the OTR year in August at Springfield. We will have details on that show in the near future. We will tell you that if you are a Roadie there will be a Roadie finals in August for every Member that has joined as of today.

Because the year 2020 has gone as it has there will be no roadie points calculated each roadie will be eligible to run the finals. We will have more details soon.

We are headed to Shipshewana June 5 & 6 and we are excited to help Lyndsy and Team Camarillo! Have a great week. Hope to see you there. Be kind – Stay safe and enjoy each minute of you life.

Dawn and Clea

May 23, 2020

As of today  The June 5-6 2020 Show is a 100% go! We are going to start processing pre entries and stalls we have already recieved. Checks will be going to the bank next week.

Below is the link for the stall form or you can mail it MUST BE POST MARKED BY the 27th if mailing.

We will be taking Pre Entries BY MAIL ONLY again POSTMARKED by the 27th of May. After that you can enter at the show.

Pre Entries Run first.


May 8, 2020

As of today The OTR Show at the MEC in Shipshewana Indiana is a go.  June 5 & 6 2020 – click the following link for showbill and stall form Camarillo_Flyers2020v2

We will keep you posted as we know any changes.   We will be taking entries and stall reservations via mail BUT WILL NOT cash anyone’s checks until the day we leave for the show.

We hope to see you at the show – we hope to have the show 🙂   We will also keep you posted on any future OTR shows here.

March 19 2020

Well, we were holding out hope but as of today it is confirmed and should not be a surprise we will not be having The Panty Raid Futurity in April of 2020!!

At this point we are not sure when we will hold the show, if at all, in 2020.

As for the stall and entries
If we have not cashed your check as of yet. We will shred it – if you are not sure about your check please check your bank.

If you paid via PayPal your funds will be returned via PayPal to the email PayPal address that it was sent under

If you mailed in a check and we processed it we will return your funds via check to the name and address on the check

For the vendors and Sponsors. THANK YOU and we will keep you, as well as everyone else, updated as we know more.

Please allow us a minimum of a week to get this all underway and your funds returned.

Our hope is that we all will come out of all this craziness with a new outlook on the future and appreciation for what we have. We know we will!

We will of course keep you posted on the remaining OTR Shows and where we go from here.

Until then stay safe, eat your veggies, and wash your hands.

March 16 2020

Good Monday Morning

Update on The Panty Raid Futurity April 9-12, 2020

The Champion Center will be closed for the next 3 weeks and will then reevaluate the current situation we are all facing.   The decision to have the show will depend on the future restrictions and the level of threat of this virus at this time.   The decision will be a last minute one and we will keep you informed as we know where this is all going.

  • Pre entries will be open until we know what is going on with the show so please do not worry about the deadline that is out there now.
  • Should the show be cancelled, and we hope it is not, we will be refunding your money.
  • If your check has not yet cashed, we will NOT be cashing any additional checks until we know that status of the show.

We are sending out our thoughts and prayers to everyone to stay healthy and safe.   Stay in if you can, wash your hands, eat your veggies and if you can support any small business during this time please do so.

We will be back in touch once we know more

Dawn and Clea

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